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The Zero-Waste Wedding Dress

antique edwardian custom wedding dress vintage cotton iIrish crochet lace

Edwardian style dress by Kitsch Bitsch

I love the raw emotion when a bride first tries on her dress. It’s always a privilege for me to create a dress and share this moment with her. A wedding dress is always special, but never more so than when it has been crafted from pieces of inherited lace, hand-made by her grandmother or even great-grandmother, perhaps long passed.

For that moment time evaporates and she feels the connection deeply. I am not just creating a dress, but an heirloom to be passed down to her own daughter, infused with love and a with story to tell.

Victorian vintage crochet lace wedding dress long sleeve patchwork gown

Porcelain Jewellery by Mrs Petersham Pottery, hair by Mountain Angel Hair Salon

Our Edwardian inspired dress was originally designed to utilise small scraps of antique lace left over from making other dresses. Our zero-waste policy is what led me to design this wacky patchwork dress, and I wasn’t even that drunk.

Much to my surprise our zero-waste Edwardian dress became so popular that we soon ran out of lace scraps. Like a magpie I began frenetically collecting small pieces of antique lace and collars from around the globe. I’m quite sure my postman thought I was a hoarder.

Meanwhile brides began requesting to incorporate their own pieces of sentimental lace into their wedding dresses. An idea was born.

You want more than just a dress, you want a dress with a story. You want a one-of-a-kind dress crafted by a single set of hands, not a production line.

Edwardian antique crochet lace wedding gown empire waist dress

Edwardian style dress by Kitsch Bitsch

This dress was recently featured in a photo shoot at beautiful Breenhold Gardens, location of the The Great Gatsby movie. Like a piece of heirloom lace, Breenhold has a rich history, passed down through generations. Each garden unfolds it’s hidden beauty, like an old embroidered tablecloth tucked away at the back of a linen cupboard, the eucalyptus trees stitched across the landscape.

breenhold gardens blue mountains mount wilson wedding venue photos

It was here at Breenhold Gardens that a team of skilled artists led by Edith from Floral Ink, created a photo shoot which far surpassed anything I could ever have imagined. For an entire day, time evaporated and we were transported into yesteryear. I began to wonder if I had pressed the history button too many times in Photoshop.

Tim Williams photography wedding photographer

Photography by Tim Williams

Two forest nymphs appeared dancing in this dreamy landscape. Photographer Tim Williams captured their ethereal presence, as if straight from a Norman Lindsay painting.

Tim Williams photogrpahy wedding photographer

Photography by Tim Williams

Talented florist Edith from Floral Ink, created the whimsical flower crowns and arrangements.

Blue flower crown wedding Floral Ink Edith Blue Mountains Lawson florist

Flowers by Floral Ink

Floral Ink florist Blue Mountains wedding flowers hydranga flower crown

Flowers by Floral Ink

Front Porch vintage lace bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses by Front Porch

vintage wedding styling table Penny Lane Studio

Table styling by Penny Lane Studio

I was born the daughter of a nurse, but my hands were made for creative work. My mother taught me to sew, as her mother taught her. Her blood runs through my hands as I nervously make the first cut into the heirloom lace. I feel the energy of it’s journey, and realise I am part of something bigger than myself. I remember to trust in the process, that the finished dress will be beautiful, because it is part of a greater plan.

vintage bohemian crochet lace wedding dress boho custom Sydney

Edwardian style dress by Kitsch Bitsch

We would love to design an Edwardian-style dress with you. We can incorporate any vintage lace you may have, or we can make your dress entirely from our own stash of antique lace. For more details, including lace samples, please email us at