Is Your Granny Square?

crocheted granny square

Have you ever bought a ball of wool because you fell in love with the colour or texture but had no idea what to do with it? Well today I am going to pay tribute to the humble crochet granny square.

Granny square afghan blanket

The ubiquitous granny square blanket, or ‘afghan’ as it is otherwise known, is traditionally a great way to utilize scraps of wool left over from other projects. The recent popularity of crocheting has seen the granny square blanket elevated to a project in it’s own right.

Made up of individually crocheted granny squares, joined together to form a blanket, afghans are fast and easy to make. One of the best granny square video tutorials I have come across is at Meet me at Mikes, by Pip Lincolne, crafting extraordinaire from Melbourne.

I have been repeatedly sick with the flu this winter, so I have found a ready-made excuse to stay indoors finishing old crochet projects and other UFO’s (unfinished objects). Crocheting gives me permission to pause, without feeling guilty about doing nothing. It’s great for people like me who have restless hands, and I know of an ex-smoker who crocheted every time she craved a cigarette.

Repetitive crafts such as crochet can be a kind of meditation. Studies have shown that it can even lower your blood pressure, as the peaceful state lasts long after we have put down the project. There is pleasure in the process. You can even crochet topless while drinking wine if that is what relaxes you. Not that I ever do that. Because I don’t.

I recently inherited a box of crochet and knitting magazines from the 1960’s and 70’s. I soon discovered that granny squares are not limited to blankets and ponchos.

granny square crochet jacket

granny square crochet top

granny square crocheted sweater

granny square crochet skirt

I also found an old photo of me as a baby in 1973, with my mother wearing a granny square poncho. It has intensified my nostalgia for an era where everything was handmade, fuzzy and smelt of casserole.

crochet granny square poncho

Inspired by this photo, and the box-full of magazine awesome, I came up with the crazy idea of turning a granny square blanket into a jacket. I blame the flu medication. Mr Fartypants refused to be seen with me wearing my rug-jacket. As usual, I ignored him and purchased a few more vintage afghans.

custom made crocheted granny square wool hooded jacket cardigan coat

Kitsch BItsch crocheted granny square wool hooded coat

Granny-square garments: uber-chic or crimes against fashion? It’s a fine line. I was gob-smacked to witness a recent ebay auction of an original handmade granny-square dress from the 1970’s sell for $1,500. Amazeballs.

crochet granny square dress

Remember Cate Blanchett’s controversial choice of dress for the opening of the Screen Worlds exhibition in Melbourne? The designer: Romance Was Born. Is that apricot chicken casserole I can smell?

Cate Blanchett crochet dress

I decided to list a few granny-square jackets in our Kitsch Bitsch store and was astonished to watch them promptly sell. If you are desperate for one of these delicious rarities, I am now taking orders. Please email me at for details. I will be making only another five more.

Each jacket is carefully reconstructed by me, but still carries the imprint of its original creator. As I make each jacket, I feel the energy of its journey, each crocheted square, imbued with love from somebody’s granny, perhaps long passed. A jacket with a soul and a story to tell.

crochet granny square wool coat jacket cardigan pattern

Kitsch Bitsch crochet granny square coat

handmade crochet granny square woollen jumper sweater coat jacket cardigan

Kitsch Bitsch crochet granny square jacket

crochet granny square hooded wool jacket cardigan coat free pattern

Kitsch Bitsch custom made crochet granny square jacket

The pattern for the hooded granny square jacket is available for purchase in our store here:

crochet granny square dress

Kitsch Bitsch crochet granny square dress


Kitsch Bitsch crocheted granny square dress

Kitsch Bitsch crocheted granny square dress



37 thoughts on “Is Your Granny Square?

  1. Julia

    You are so awesome, girl! I think the 3rd of the 70s pictures is a little dodgy but the others are great and I love the red jacket you made. Can you tell I have a thing for jackets?

  2. Rose

    Hello Bitsch ,
    Love your page. Your use of the Granny Square blanket is fantastic. I grew up in the 60’s and we learned how to do this in our neighbor hood
    sewing circle.I’ve been collecting Granny Square Blankets for years now. My friend said what do you want with that old thing, I said just wait these are going to be hot one day. Almost!.you have elevated the image 10 fold and I thank you.

  3. Sasha

    Love what you do. Would love to make a jacket, have subscribed but can’t access the newsletter to find the pattern, please help x

      1. Ailish Cook

        Where can i find the pattern for the jackets?? I have emailed for a subscription but cannot find the pattern??

  4. Sami

    That granny square dress is AMAZING! Any chance you’ll be sharing the pattern for it? I’m more than a little in love with it.

    1. Alyssa Devanny Post author

      Hi Sami,
      I have had lots of requests to share the granny square dress pattern, I promise I will do so soon. In the meantime please join our mailing list and I will email you when it’s ready:
      In case you can’t wait, I have emailed you some more photos of this dress. It is simply a bunch of whole squares sewn together. I would suggest using a cotton yarn. Good luck! Alyssa

  5. Janeen

    Yup~ made lots of stuff of granny squares back then and wore them, too 🙂 thinking of making a jewel~tone granny square dress w/ a frosty charcoal gray background for autumn 🙂

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  11. Sarah

    I love these so much. I am a total freak for the 60s and 70s and adore grannysquareania (if that’s not a word already, it should be!) But I am a plus size girl so wearing this type of thing makes me look like a bed with legs.

    Beautiful work 🙂

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    1. Joanne

      Im the same. I clicked on the link but all it says is that it can’t be found. I really want to buy the pattern

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  14. Gail Hood

    I am hoping to get the instructions to make the Granny square coat. I have looked and looked, and tried to add my name to newsletters, but nothing. I cannot find anyone who can help me There must be someone who can help me.


  15. Samfloory

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    1. Cherri

      I am interested in the granny square coat pattern, yet I am experiencing the same issue as others have mentioned. None of the links are working for me. Is there an updated link available?

      1. Gail

        Hello Cherri,

        I have tried to contact the company, but they do not understand, that we would like the Crochet Patterns for these items! I did have a reply from someone, but it was of no use. IF ANYONE, IS FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO GET THE PATTERNS FOR THESE ITEMS, WOULD THEY PLEASE, PLEASE BE SO KIND TO SHARE THEM WITH THE REST OF US??????

        I am on facebook at Gail Hood ( and I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

        I will hope and pray that someone, will be able to help us.

        Thanks kindly,


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