Free pattern: 20 minute crochet lace gypsy skirt

free pattern DIY how to make a crochet skirt dress


Learn this simple technique to make a circle skirt using a round vintage crochet tablecloth. This pattern is so easy that my 9 year old daughter helped me to make it.

(Is it nepotism if I only hire my own children to work in my sweatshop?)


crochet skirt dress free instructions tutorial


This skirt takes only minutes to make, so you will have time for more important things like twirling. You can even wear this skirt as a dress!


free pattern recycled lace tablecloth crochet circle skirt



DIY crochet lace tablecloth skirt dress


You will need:

  • a round vintage crochet tablecloth, diameter between 130cm (51″) and 230cm (90″)
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • flexible tape measure
  • 25mm (1″) wide bias binding
  • 20mm (3/4″) wide elastic
  • pins
  • matching cotton cord for drawstring
  • iron


Tablecloth size:

130cm diameter = mini skirt
150cm diameter = knee-length skirt
230cm diameter = maxi skirt

Lighter weight crochet tablecloths work best for this skirt.


1. Choose your hip size:

size small = radius 15cm (6″)
size medium = radius 16cm (6.25″)
size large = radius 17cm (6.5″)
size xlarge = radius 18cm (7″)


how to make a crochet skirt

2. Fold your tablecloth into quarters. Measure your radius from the centre.


free pattern crochet lace tablecloth skirt dress

3. Cut the radius circle from the centre of the tablecloth. Follow carefully the lace pattern.

4. Measure your hips with a flexible tape measure. Cut a piece of bias binding as long as your hip measurement.


free instructions how to make crocheted skirt

5. Open out the binding and pin around the cut edge of the tablecloth. Fold over one end of the binding as shown. The tablecloth will stretch so take care to distribute the binding evenly around the cut edge.


free tutorial how to sew a crochet skirt from tablecloth

6. Overlap the ends of the binding.



how to make a crocheted circle skirt from a tablecloth

7. Stitch along the binding fold line.


DIY crochet lace circle skirt dress

8.  Fold the binding over along the stitched line, to encase the raw edges. Stitch in place, leaving a gap to insert the elastic.

free pattern crochet lace circle skirt dress

9. Iron flat. Use a safety pin to thread the elastic through the casing.


DIY how to make a crochet lace tablecloth circle skirt dress

10. Join the elastic together with a few stitches. Stitch closed hole in the binding.


free pattern crocheted lace circle skirt dress

11. Using a safety pin, thread the cord through the casing to make a drawstring. Tie a knot in each end of the drawstring.

You may need to wear a half slip underneath your sheer crochet skirt. Half slips can be found for a few dollars at any charity store.


Dye your tablecloth a different colour before you start.

how to make a crochet lace skirt dress


A square tablecloth will make a skirt with an interesting hemline.

DIY crochet lace tablecloth skirt dress


Look for different kinds of lace tablecloths.

free pattern crocheted lace skirt upcycle tablecloth dress

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