Free Pattern: One Hour DIY Crochet Lace Wedding Dress

DIY crochet lace wedding dress free pattern vintage tablecloth

The two questions I am asked most often are:

  1. Can you please share your crochet dress pattern?
  2. Can you please make me a wedding dress from my grandmother’s old lace tablecloths?

Today I am killing two birds with one stone by showing you how to make your very own crochet dress from a vintage tablecloth.

You don’t need any crochet skills, just a sewing machine, overlocker (serger) and a vintage crochet lace tablecloth. I have put together a set of simple instructions tailored to accommodate the most amateur, pattern-fearing seamstress.

I will also be sharing with you a simple technique I have developed for securely sewing crochet lace together.

This pattern is based on the DIY tablecloth dresses popular in the 1970’s.

70's 1970s vintage sewing pattern make crochet lace tablecloth dress

lace mini dress 1970's 70s tablecloth vintage crochet-dress-newspaper

This dress is an alternative to the traditional, structured wedding dress, and will cost you around $20. The money you save on your dress you can spend on your bohemian barefoot beach wedding in Bali. But please don’t invite me to your destination wedding because I have three kids and $5 in the bank.

bohemian crochet lace wedding dress DIY boho

Not getting married? Simply throw this dress over your bikini and head to the beach. When the weather cools down, layer your dress over tights or leggings. This will become your favourite and most versatile piece in your wardrobe.

Pregnant? This dress  will stretch to accommodate your growing baby bump. Pregnant and getting married? You have come to the right corner of the internet.

bohemian crochet lace wedding dress DIY boho tablecloth sustainable recycled upcycled

You will need:

  • flexible tape measure
  • fabric scissors
  • 4mm wide cotton twill tape
  • dressmaking pins
  • sewing machine
  • 4 thread overlocker (serger)
  • matching thread for machines
  • vintage cotton crochet lace tablecloth

how to sew a crochet lace wedding dress DIY upcycled vintage tablecloth

Choosing Your Tablecloth

You can find vintage crochet tablecloths in charity stores, your Nanna’s linen closet, garage sales or eBay. A lightweight, stretchy cotton crochet tablecloth will work best.

You can choose either a round, square or rectangle tablecloth. A square or round tablecloth will make a dress with a flirty, mini-length hemline and full-length sleeves. A rectangular tablecloth with give you a longer hemline.

free instructions vintage tablecloth how to make a crochet lace wedding dress bridesmaid DIY
dress made from a round tablecloth

If you are using a round or square tablecloth, the diameter or width of your tablecloth needs to be between 152cm (60″) and 170cm (67″). Any shorter and you will be making a tunic rather than a dress.

free tutorial DIY how to make crocheted lace wedding dress from vintage tablecloth upcycle
dress made from a rectangular tablecloth

If you are using a rectangular tablecloth, make sure one of the sides measures no longer than 150cm (60″).

Measuring Your Body

This dress requires 4 measurements:

– Bust Circumference
Using your flexible tape measure, measure around the widest part of your bust, whilst wearing your bra. Divide this number by 4.

– Bust Level
Measure from your shoulder to your bust point.

– Hip Circumference
Measure the widest part of your hips, around your bum. Divide this number by 4.

– Hip Level
Measure from your shoulder to your hip.



1. Fold your tablecloth into quarters.

how to make a crochet lace tablecloth dress

2. Mark with a pin where measurements A and B collide (underarm)
Mark with a pin where measurements C and D collide (hip)

DIY crochet dress free tutorial pattern sewing

3. Mark an arc between these two points, extending the arc to the edges of the tablecloth. Cut.

crochet lace wedding bridesmaid dress Sydney

4. In the top folded corner of your tablecloth, mark with pins a radius of 8cm (3″). Cut the neckline.

how to sew a crochet lace dress from a vintage tablecloth DIY

5. Unfold your tablecloth into a T shape. Pin the cotton twill tape to the crochet fabric along the underarm/side seams.

crochet lace dress pattern DIY boho beach wedding dress

free crochet lace dress pattern tutorial instructions tablecloth upcycled recycled sustainable

6. Using a straight stitch on your sewing machine, sew the tape to the crochet fabric. Fold under the ends of the tape.

how to sew open weave crochet lace fabric together instructions

7. Overlock (serge), trimming along the outer edge of the tape. Use a darning needle to thread the loose ends back into the seam.

tutorial how to sew open weave crochet lace fabric together

8. Pin another piece of tape along the inside of the neck. Take care not to stretch the lace.

how to crochet lace dress crocheted wedding dress DIY mini

9. Overlock (serge) in place. Use a darning needle to thread the loose ends back into the seam.

how to bind neck edge crochet lace dress

10. Turn under neck tape and top stitch in place.

how to make a bohemian wedding bridesmaid dresses bridesmaids dress DIY

Optional: Use a safety pin to weave a ribbon belt around the waistline.

Your finished dress will be sheer so you will need to wear a separate slip underneath. You can find a vintage slip for a few dollars from a charity store or eBay.


  • Flare the sleeves more
  • dye the lace and tape a different colour before your begin
  • experiment with different coloured slips underneath
  • lower scooped neckline

DIY black crochet lace dress free pattern DIY white crochet lace dress free pattern boho bohemian sustainable tablecloth cotton

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